New! OperaVOX Multi™

OperaVOX Multi

OperaVOX Multi

We have developed OperaVOX Multi™ specifically for Speech and Language Therapists, Laryngologists, Voice Coaches and Singing Teachers. 

Collecting timely, relevant and high-quality data on the voice is essential for measuring the ability of treatments such as surgery or speech therapy to improve vocal performance and quality of life. OperaVOX Multi™ is an easy-to-use portable voice analysis and feedback application for use by patients and professional voice users running on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. OperaVOX Multi™ combines the signal processing power, easy connectivity, user-friendly interface, high-quality microphones and portability of these handheld devices with novel acoustic voice analysis algorithms to provide a powerful voice quality measurement tool that you can carry in your pocket.

Built into OperaVOX Multi™ are the validated Voice Handicap Index questionnaires and the ability to create individual patient profiles so that they can record their voice for acoustic and perceptual analysis both on board the device and externally in the speech laboratory. OperaVOX Multi™ can automatically and confidentially send these data via email to the surgeon, speech therapist, or researcher in real time.

OperaVOX Multi is now available to download.

OperaVOX Multi


OperaVOX Multi Features:

1. Create, save and review multiple client profiles.

2. User-friendly interface with comprehensive help and user prompts.

3. Quick on-device voice analysis using state-of-the-art signal processing algorithms.

4. Immediate audio playback along with visual representations of the recorded to make sure you are happy with the recordings.

5. High-quality voice recordings (16 bit, 44.1 kHz, uncompressed wave format files) for listening and comparison.

6. Automatic measurement of the ambient noise and asking the user to try again in a quieter recording environment if necessary.

7. Voice Stability Analysis of a sustained vowel (like ‘Aah’)- with a 5 second automatic countdown.

8. Presentation of voice stability measures such as mean pitch, fundamental frequencies, jitter and shimmer on the recorded vowels.

9. Recording and analysis of a phonetically balanced text (e.g. the Rainbow Passage).

10. Analysis of mean pitch and pitch range on phonetically balanced text (F0, maximum and minimum pitch).

11. Measurement of the longest you can hold a note – Maximum Phonation Time (MPT) (Best of 3 attempts with manual over-ride).

12. History of pitch, jitter, shimmer, pitch range, singing pitch range and MPT represented graphically – compare historical analyses and track progress graphically.

13. Capability to email analysis results and audio files as attachments.

14. Capability for manual extraction of all audio files and analyses through a personal computer using iTunes.

The outputs from OperaVOX are for informational purposes only and are not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Please seek advice from your doctor or speech pathologist, if you are concerned about your voice quality.