• OperaVOX Sale

    Posted on November 14, 2014 by in News


    Today we are announcing the start of the OperaVOX Sale. For a limited time, OperaVOX (Personal) will be available to download at a discounted price.

    OperaVOX (Personal) is a validated voice analysis App that can accurately measure how your voice changes throughout the day. Use it to track subtle changes in the quality of your voice and find out when your voice is at its best and at its worse. Use the OperaVOX diary and personalised graphs to help you learn what affects the quality of your voice. OperaVOX (Personal) is useful for anyone who relies on their voice every day.

    OperaVOX (Personal) comes with the following features:

    • Voice quality, read and singing pitch ranges, and maximum phonation time.
    • Track progress with unlimited history of voice quality analyses
    • Share results with your healthcare team: doctors, speech and language therapists, voice coach and singing teacher

    OperaVOX has recently been validated in a scientific paper published by University College London and the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital (link to study in Clinical Otolaryngolgoy).

    OperaVOX (Personal) is on sale over Christmas. Download OperaVOX from the App Store today.




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