OperaVOX Lite (Free)

Free advanced personal voice quality analysis in the palm of your hands almost anywhere.

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OperaVOX (Personal)

Advanced personal voice quality analysis in the palm of your hands almost anywhere.

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OperaVOX Multi

Portable & powerful voice quality analysis for clinicians & researchers with multiple patient profiles

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New! OperaVOX Lite

Sept 2013: OperaVOX Lite (Free) has selected features like pitch and voice quality measures like jitter and shimmer and is available on the apple app-store. Download your free copy today. Now available on the Apple App Store.


OperaVOX™ allows singers and other professional voice users to record, analyse and share data on their voice quality from anywhere in the world. Use OperaVOX™ to measure the effects of singing a particular note, song or repertoire on voice quality.

OperaVOX Multi

Built into OperaVOX™ is the ability to easily record the voice for acoustic and perceptual analysis, both on board the device and externally in the speech laboratory. OperaVOX Multi™ includes the Voice Handicap Index for measuring clinical outcome data.

Speech and Language Therapy and Research

Use OperaVOX™ to automatically and conveniently collect data on your patients' voice quality. OperaVOX Multi™ has the ability to record and analyse the voice of multiple patients on the same device.

"I am always on the lookout for new technology that helps to improve the quality of care for my patients. OperaVOX does just that. With OperaVOX I can give my patients the ability to very precisely monitor how their voice changes in response to treatment. Remote voice monitoring, such as is now possible with OperaVOX, opens up exciting new opportunities both for my clinical practice and for voice research more broadly." Professor Martin A Birchall, Professor of Laryngology University College London and the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, London UK